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From the foot of the Garo Hills in the north down to the plains of Dhaka in the south lies greater Mymensingh. Along the northern frontier of the district there are many aboriginal tribes such as Garos, Hajongs and Kochis who are ethnically quiet distinct from the people around them. Mymensingh has earned a notable position in Bengali literature as the birth place of rich folklores and folk songs. On the road from Dhaka to Mymensingh there is a national park and game sanctuary at Madhupur about 160 km. from Dhaka . There are a number of reserve forests in the area with rest-houses and picnic spots. World famous painter Zainul Abedin's Art Gallery at Mymensingh carries the boyhood memories of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

There are many picnic spots and sites of cultural, natural and historical interest in and around Mymensingh. Most important sites around in the greater Mymensingh area are:

  • Gajani (গজনী) - several picnic spots and adventure park.
  • Jalchhatra (জলছত্র) - place of historical and cultural interest.
  • Birisiri (বিরিশিরি) - site of immense natural beauty with blue river and hills.
  • Crocodile farm - situated at Trishal.
  • Susong Durgapur and Bijoypur (সুসং দুর্গাপুর ও বিজয়পুর) - Blue river and mountains.
  • Orchid garden - situated at Fulbaria
  • Strawberry garden - at Fulbaria
  • Bangladesh Agricultural University (বাংলাদেশ কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়) - in Mymensingh town.

There are three major parks in Mymensingh which are located in the Mymensingh town and in Agricultural University. All there park are on the bank of Brahmaputra river. These parks are located in: Circuit House, near Boro Bazaar, and in Agricultural University that is just at periphery of the town.

There are several places of interest in Mymensingh city where you can visit:

  • Jainul Abedin Museum (জয়নুল আবেদীন সংগ্রহশালা) - collection and exhibition of paintings of Jainul Abedin, the all time greatest Bengal painter.
  • Mymensingh Museum (ময়মনসিংহ জাদুঘর) - collection of historical items.
  • Mymensingh park - by the river Brahmaputra
  • Botanical Garden-Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • Ananda Mohan University College
  • Teacher's Training College-An ancient and famous buildings used by British Lords


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